**Ecstasy is awakening to discover that paradise is where you have always been**

Welcome to my spiritual musings. In this pivotal time in which we are living, we are all experiencing many wonderful, and not so wonderful things. All of our experiences, and insights are significant beyond what they may at first appear to be. The key to uncovering the rich gems that our life experience is always presenting us with, is to purposefully (consciously) develop the innate spiritual faculty that we all come into the earth equipped with. Rest assured, it is only our physical forms that come into this world “new”. The internal spiritual essence that is the True Self has always existed, and the physical appearance that we presently wear is not the first earthly identity that we have had. We ARE immortal spirit after all, and have always existed within the Infinite Source/God. We have not been twiddling our thumbs throughout eternity, and we did not suddenly pop into existence at some given time. Spirit always IS, it is only appearances that rise and descend. For those of us who have been raised within the Western Christian tradition, this may come as a shock, or appear to be the stuff of cult nonsense. But, for the first few hundred years of the early Christian Church’s existence, the spiritual teachings of reincarnation (cyclic progression/Evolution turned inwardly) was a foundational doctrine, handed down from Disciple to Disciple, as was, and is the case with the other Eastern religions.
The teaching was only “officially” removed from Christian doctrine much later, when it no longer served the purposes of those who rose to power within the Roman Church System. I have personally found that once this teaching, in its proper form, is re-inserted into one’s spiritual practice, many of the teachings of Jesus, which previously made little to no sense at all, begin to take on a whole new, enriching light. I have personally embraced the knowledge of Cyclic Progression (Reincarnation), and found it to be one of the Keys of the Kingdom of God, of which Jesus scolded the religious leaders of His day for withholding from the general people, barring the way of the entrance into the Kingdom within. However, the deeper, inner realities of the teaching is very mysterious, and beyond the grasp of the human mind. The mind is only able to point towards its truth, through the use of symbolism and metaphors. The way in which most people view reincarnation is not its actual reality, but only a linear, or “space/time” apprehension of its reality, and this is because our minds only function within the boundaries of space, and time. To truly apprehend what reincarnation is really about, we must transcend the human mind. (Climb the stairway to Heaven) Transcending the human mind was the original purpose of all spiritual traditions, prior to their becoming religions of mere belief. One can not “enter the Kingdom of God” unless he transcends the human mind. In Colossians 3:1-2 we see this very objective pointed to when it reads; “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. 2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

Thus, the term “Born Again”, was originally the same reference as Transcending the human mind. Unfortunately, as the teachings of Jesus spread further from the East into the West, the true sense of “Transcendence” was lost, and replaced by a mere belief in historical persons and stories. Such scriptural references to “Awakening out of sleep…”, or being “Transformed through mind renewal”, or being “Risen with Christ”, hold little power for the modern Christian psyche that has been dulled through centuries of men’s intellectual teachings. The scriptures repeated state that the human mind cannot conceive the true intent of Spirit that prompted the writings of the world’s scared literature.
“Flesh & blood can not inherit (take hold of) the Kingdom of God.” And in another place we are told how that God’s ways are as far beyond our ways, as is the heavens from the earth. And the Apostle Paul declares repeatedly how that the ways of God are “Spiritually discerned..” This is why the truth that reincarnation points to escapes the mind’s ability to grasp- albeit able to grant to us pointers in the general direction. Reincarnation is not as simple as a person being born, dying, and then returning in another body. This is the mythical version that arises from our linear space/time perceptions. The reality is that ALL THINGS ARISE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. ALL THINGS! It only appears, from the mind’s perspective that events are spread over over time and in various locations. The reason the mind is incapable of grasping this truth, is because we are speaking about Reality Itself, and not mere ideas. To know Reality one MUST BE IT. This is the inner meaning of the mystical saying; “…When we SEE Him, we shall be Like Him, because we shall behold Him AS HE IS.” It is through the mind’s limitation that we have come to believe that this is speaking about the re-appearing of the historical Jesus. The mind can not truly grasp that this is speaking about an awakening to one’s True inner Being. To truly SEE it- is to BE IT.” It is not a product of the mind, or something to believe in. It is the I AM that I AM. (said another way- I Know that I Know, or better yet- I am aware of the Knower within, and it is Me / I AM.)
It is not my purpose to convince anyone of anything, I will share information and insights here that I have myself found to be
enriching in my own spiritual development. It is each person’s own responsibility to search out Truth, principally within the inner
recesses of their own Divine Selves, and also utilizing the many excellent references made available by other spiritual seekers.
Our paths are Divinely intended to be infinitely diverse, but our destination is ONE.