2012 END of EGO RULE.

2012 The End of Ego Rule.

We are Spirit, or Non-Being; and the mortal mind cannot truly comprehend what this means. This is the futile, tragic comedy of human life. Our own interior- our infinite richness of Authentic Presence, is off-limits to the mental facualty that we are accustomed to operating through. We are cast out of Eden.
However, that which is truly barred from the Garden of God, which is a metaphor for our most inner Being, is actually the ego. The ego is also referred to as the carnal mind, or, “the flesh.” Ego is not actually a “thing” however, it is a psycho-spiritual process through which our perceived sense of a separate Self arises.
The ego is necessarily exiled from the Reality that is our most intimate unconscious nature, because, as impossible (and blasphemous) as it sound; our most inner Being is… CHRIST ITSELF, for in Reality, there exists only one Life- Life Itself, which when objectified, is called “God”. The ego is only a mental construct that believes itself to be, not only real, but believes that it is the only thing that is real. This is why everything is about itself. Through its magnetic power (or beauty), it convinces itself that it
is all that we are.
Therefore, it is fragile, and fears most everything. All human neurosis is
attributed to various degrees of ego identification- the self identification with a psycho-spiritual process. The Identification with the mental and physical
aspects of a self, as the sum total of who and what we are.

The Cosmological Event of December 21, 2012 marks a Cosmological end of time.
The culmination of all Ages since the beginning of our present Galactic cycle, which began some 26,000 years ago. From an esoteric/spiritual perspective, it signifies a grand harvesting season. A greater number of souls that ever before are awakening, are being Raptured/Lifted from lower dimensions
of Being, up into higher dimensions.

For these, it is nothing less than the end of the world as they have previously experienced the world. “…If any man be in the CHRIST, he is a NEW CREATURE, old things are passed away, and behold, all things have become new.”
Within many of us, what 2012 reflects is the conclusion of the cycle of consciousness that emerged into dominance some 26,000 years ago, at the Alpha point- a period when the Neanderthal was becoming extinct, and Modern Man began to take center stage.
December 21,2012 is not literally the end of the physical world, although there are those who interpret it as such. I respect that view, as I do all views, But, there are those of us from across all spiritual traditions that see another dimension of this iconic date.
The Dreamer is indeed awakening. This means that from the ego’s perspective, DECEMBER 21, 2012
marks the end of the world that has been shaped through ego influence. However, from the vantage
point of the Soul, it means the unveiling of a salvation that has long been prophesied would be
revealed at THE END OF TIME. (Or the 26,000 year cycle, the span of a complete World Age.)
Well, by all accounts, the cosmic clock stops and resets DECEMBER 21,2012.

What exactly is the Maya calendar about to do? On Dec. 21, 2012, it will display the equivalent of a string of zeros, like the odometer turning over
on your car, with the close of something like a millennium.

Again, this does not mean that anything mind-blowing will necessarily happen on that date. Like all things in nature, including cosmological things, it points to a span, or a window of effects taking place. Just as we experience Winter and Spring merged together during their seasonal shift, and then at some point, Summer fall away and Spring emerges into its fullness, which is why it was said that ” No one knows the precise day or hour of the end time.”
Yes, I do realize that the above reference is specifically referring to the “coming of the Son of man”, but unless we firmly grasp what is being shown
with natural cyclic realities, we are doomed to misinterpret all spiritual realities, because they are each others flip side.

JOHN 3:12
” If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? ”
On that note, let’s dive deeper into this mystery of the 2012 end date.

The deeper esoteric meaning of the cyclic pattern that is shown within the Neanderthal and Modern Man scenario is the same central theme of the Christian Rapture myth. Esoterically, “The Rapture” ; reveals how that two diametrically opposed realities
are Divinely appointed to co-exist, up to a point, till one falls away and the other takes center stage. It is the same pointer given in the parables of the goats & sheep, and the wheat & tares. It all speaks to the dualistic (contradictory) nature of the
physical universe. Up-Down, Left-Right, Hot-Cold, Male-Female, etc. It is the Inner story of evolutionary shifts, like the one that is presently taking place within the hearts and minds of people all across the planet.
If cycles mean anything, December 21, 2012 signals bye bye to something that has ruled for the past 26,000 years, and at the same time, speaks to something else that has been emerging, and is being shifted onto center stage. There are those
of us who see that which is shifting onto center stage as a higher state of spiritual consciousness. The Christ Consciousness.

” Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus..”

This is not another thing for people to believe in, humanity has had more than enough of beliefs. No, this shift in conscious awareness is an emerging,
evolutionary state of Being that will, and IS being experienced,..or not.
Just as it was at the Alpha of this 26,000 year cycle, so it is at its Omega. The wise ancients were aware of it, and the Maya, and the Indigenous as well.
What a time to be here. The structures of our world, which were products of the past 26,000 year frames of consciousness, are falling apart all around us, but,
like the Neanderthal, not many really see what is taking place. The answers lie within us, but most of us are locked outside of the proverbial Ark, and are being swept away by the waves of external events. The only safe place for any of us is within the deepest recesses of our Divine Selves. There is no hiding place out there in the world, only illusions, and distractions.
There is so much more that I will be sharing in my writing that I will post soon.
Meanwhile, if anyone has a question, please email me anytime.
May God’s Grace & Peace be multiplied within you.